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A bit belated but nevertheless!

IMG_4403So after neeearly missing our flight (30 seconds left at the gate) we celebrated with a little we-made-it drink.

Then made our way to our lovely hotel which was less lovely than expected but Amsterdam is not a City for sleeping anyway so hey ho!

We spent a couple of days mooching about and enjoying the sights (and eating far too much pizza :-s)IMG_4427

<—–Evidence (Not that you didn’t believe us)


Thursday night we had a brilliant evening at the Paradiso dancing to an damazing Columbian band Los Pirañas who really are worth checking out, the group’s own description of the music “tropical noise” sums it up nicely. We then stumbled made our way back to our hotel which took us a good 45 minutes or so, despite being a ten minute walk away, to inevitably eat more pizza.


Friday was soon upon us as was the rain. We sheltered at United Pancakes where Hatty picked up some Appelstroop, a tasty syrup consisting of Apples, and ‘basterd suiker’ for her lovely sister. Fueled by pancakes we ambled our way to CC Muziek Cafe where we met met up with our friend Marc who introduced us to…duh duh dada Ryno the Bearded!! This fabulous man had travelled all the way from Mississippi and made us the tastiest BBQ chicken wings! He brought us all together for these European gigs and we like him a very lot!!

Then we met the indomitable Louis Lingg and the Bombs, who are the nicest bunch of punks we’ve ever had the honour to play with.

Love love love! Also playing that evening was an ace local band, waterpistol and the brilliant Emerald Park who had driven from Sweden that day! We all had to play below 90 decibels (There was a hypnotic counter in the corner) which made things interesting and the barman sang along to karaoke tracks in between bands; couldn’t fault him – from No Diggity to Du-Hast. As was said by Arnolife (of Louis Lingg), At first we were confused, then when it came time to leave we realised how much we would miss him. Overall an excellent night. Ears not ringing, we made our way back we went to our hotel. More pizza.20150904_16005820150904_170313IMG_4496IMG_4479

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