do you like our butterfly?

do you like our butterfly?

Those lovely French-Canadian chaps Poulet Neige got in touch and asked us to add our album to their Liste de Noel – so that people can get it delivered, free, to their inbox on the big day. Undeterred by the fact that we don’t actually have an album, we cobbled together our past three EPs and cleverly named it UGLY BLOODY LIAR. Ho ho ho!

Give it a try. There’s some superfly stuff on there:

NEW EP OUT 14/10/13. Download now.


“One of the most exciting and original EPs of 2013″ Audio Pulse

This is our new single, released on Ubiquity Project Records on 14/10/12. It’s a free download. If you’d like to download the rest of the EP or buy a CD (featuring a further 4 live tracks) you can go here:

If you would like to pre-order on iTunes go here:

Mixed and mastered by

LIAR LIAR out Mon 22nd April

do you like our butterfly?

do you like our butterfly?

Download it for free or get a CD – with 4 bonus tracks- for £5 plus p+p from:

“Liar Liar is a musical experience. It’s a passage, a journey, a safari. Simply, Vienna Ditto have created lush compositions of brilliantly dark synth-pop, which would work incredibly well as a movie soundtrack. Get Tarantino on the phone.”
Sam Johnson